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Marketing Your Business for Sale

To successfully market your company, we provide:

An individual professional business evaluation. This is the first step in preparing a business for sale. It provides the foundation for the asking price, terms and conditions, as well as helping to identify possible buyers. This professional process will increase will increase confidence and the credibility of your business. It also provides “third party” support for your selling price.

Access to “hard-to-find” business sale prices nationwide.

A professional profile of your business for presentation purposes.

Buyers that are pre-qualified for financial capability and degree of interest. Buyers are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

A marketing approach that covers all stages. This includes initial pricing, advertising, marketing through local and regional print media, our own website which attracts buyers world wide, and our contacts through C.P.A.s, Attorneys, Commercial Bank Lenders, and Commercial Real Estate Brokers. We also utilize several “business for sale” web sites in addition to our own web site.

Post closing follow-up includes a consultant with the buyer to ensure a smooth transition.

Why do you need a formal business evaluation?

Successful business people know where they stand at all times. Professional valuations provide industry and market comparable data to measure value and performance.

Accurate financial information regarding the value of your business is critical for:

  • Benchmark and Strategic Planning
  • Accurate financial documentation for investors, banks, and partners.
  • Personal Estate Planning division of assets for greatest tax advantage
  • To underwrite accurate insurance coverage in case of loss
  • Defining the value of shares held by partners in case of a dissolution of or the addition of new partners.

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