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Certified Equipment & Machinery Appraisal & Valuations

LGI is able to provide Certified Equipment and Machinery Appraisals. Virtually any type of machinery or equipment can me appraised. We have access to world-wide information on equipment values to provide you with accurate and reliable appraisals.


Our certified equipment and machinery appraisals and valuations are for…

  • Collateral
  • Estates
  • Property tax Assessments
  • Balance Sheet restatements, FASB141, etc.

There are two general appraisal options available:

Normally appraisals are reported using the “Summary Appraisal” format (also defined by USPAP) in lieu of the much more detail oriented “Self Contained Appraisal,” also to save costs. Specific backup data for a Summary Appraisal is available by special request.

Equipment appraisals may be “Desktop Appraisals” wherein the appraisal is made at the appraisers office without inspection of the equipment, based upon the data provided by the owner. This can dramatically reduce the cost. Or, it can be a regular appraisal wherein the appraiser inspects and documents the equipment, and then completes the appraisal report…

Each Equipment/Machinery Appraisal includes the following:

  • Full description and documentation
  • Comparative Sales, Offering, and Depreciated Replacement Cost Analysis
  • Photographs of all major pieces


  • A Certified Machinery/Equipment appraisal means that the appraisal is USPAP compliant as well meeting the standards of the National Equipment and Business Brokers Institute.

Time to Complete:

  • Depends on the size of the job


  • As equipment and machinery appraisals can vary considerably with different purposes or conditions, prices will be quoted after your free consultation and the scope of your needs is determined. Fees will be quoted once an equipment list and depreciation schedule have been received.